Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma

Protecting your Oklahoma business requires a carefully constructed combination of insurance policies. Make Vance Insurance Group LLC your business partner in the Oklahoma area. We can help you build an insurance strategy that keeps your capital, workers, and income safe from a variety of common threats.

Commercial Insurance Policies for Your Oklahoma Enterprise

Whether you're a specialty goods manufacturer or provide in-person services to the public, there are several ways to ensure your business is safe from financial threats with commercial insurance policies.

  • General liability insurance gives you cash to help defend yourself in court against slander, libel, or to pay court-ordered costs for penalties or medical treatments.
  • Product liability insurance pays for legal issues related to the use of your products. This includes products that you sell but don't produce.
  • Professional liability insurance is for business people who provide direct services. If you're sued or accused of improprieties, this contract helps you pay for the defense and legal expenses due to errors, omissions, negligence, and malpractice.
  • Commercial property insurance is for your buildings and machinery. If you can't use your business assets due to a covered event, this policy will help you pay to repair or replace your compromised property.
  • Commercial auto insurance is like your personal auto insurance policies. However, these bulkier contracts contain specific coverages meant to address the specific threats faced by business drivers.
  • Worker's compensation pays your employees medical bills while they heal from work-related illness or injury.

In addition to these separate coverages, adding an umbrella policy ensure that you'll always be able to rebuild your business, no matter what happens. Many of these policies can be contained in a simple BOP (Business Owner's Policy). However, it may be to your advantage to separate your policies. Talk to our experts to understand what makes sense for your operations.

Keep Your Oklahoma City OK Business Safe with Customized Commercial Insurance

Vance Insurance Group LLC is your partner in Oklahoma. Call us to learn how our customized policies can protect your personal and commercial interests.

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