Motorcycle Insurance in Oklahoma

Boasting low wetlands and dramatic high plains, Oklahoma offers a stunningly diverse geographic landscape, which has proven to be a shining beacon to nature enthusiasts and motorcycle riders alike! And whether you're looking for motorcycle coverage in Oklahoma to insure the thunderous rumble of your Harley or a motorcycle policy for your exotic sportbike, Vance Insurance Group LLC can and will help. Continue reading to learn more about finding the best motorcycle insurance in Oklahoma.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Oklahoma?

If you're a motorcycle rider in Oklahoma, you are required to be able to show proof of financial responsibility. And for most of us, proof of financial responsibility is most easily accomplished through motorcycle insurance. According to the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), motorcycle riders must have a minimum of the following liability policy coverages:

  • 1. $25,000 liability coverage for the death or bodily injury of a single person
  • 2. $50,000 liability coverage for the death or bodily injury of two or more people
  • 3. $25,000 in liability coverage for property damage.

At first glance, these limits can seem high. However, when you consider the astronomical amount of money you could be billed for staying a single night in a hospital, you can easily see how medical bills can quickly add up.

Creating a Tailored Plan with Oklahoma Motorcycle Coverages

The previously-mentioned state minimum coverages may be sufficient if you are in a minor accident. However, these coverages do leave one glaring gap — there is no protection for your bike. Because of this, the team at Vance Insurance Group will work closely with you to tailor your policy based on your needs. We will use the following types of coverages to give you greater peace of mind, more confidence, and an enhanced sense of security:

  • 1. Collision coverage protects your motorcycle in an accident and virtually any other situation.
  • 2. Under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage is excellent coverage to have considering many drivers in Oklahoma do not have insurance.
  • 3. Comprehensive coverage protects you from a range of costly situations like theft, wind, fire, water, and vandalism.
  • 4. Bodily injury protection covers certain costs and protects your passengers if you kill or injure someone in an at-fault accident.
  • 5. Medical payments protection offers coverage for dental care, prescription payments, medical deductibles and co-payments that may be required from auxiliary policies. It also offers coverage for funeral expenses as well as nursing home care.
  • 6. Custom Parts & Equipment offers additional coverage for bikes that are customized.

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When it comes to finding the best motorcycle insurance coverage, there are hardly ever any one-size-fits-all solutions. And at Vance Insurance Group, we will create a tailor-made policy that empowers you to ride your motorcycle with more confidence.

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