Home Insurance in Oklahoma

If you own a home in Oklahoma, then protecting your home should be the top priority. Your lender requires home insurance and even if you have your home already paid off, there are still plenty of advantages of having it with the coverage it provides.

Home Insurance Coverage in Oklahoma

Your home insurance in Oklahoma covers a variety of things for your home.

Dwelling Protection: Much of the state is located where tornados are prevalent, so you are likely familiar with harsh weather. If a covered risk, such as hail, wind, or fire, damages your home then repairs are covered by your policy. If you want to know how much coverage you should have, make sure you have enough protection to cover the total costs of rebuilding your home. An agent at Vance Insurance Group LLC can help you determine the right coverage amount and you can also increase the coverage limit if you need to.

Liability Protection: This will defend and protect you if you are sued after someone is injured on your property or you damage his or her property.

Guest Medical Protection: If a guest slips and falls in your home and you are liable for the injuries, your home insurance helps pay for that person's medical fees. Even if you are not found liable, your insurance can still help. There is usually no deductible associated with guest medical protection, so you won’t need to pay out of pocket.

Personal Property Coverage: Part of what makes your house your home is what you have inside, including your furniture, clothes, and electronics. In order to determine how much insurance you need for your personal property coverage, do a home inventory to help figure out how much your belongings are worth. You may need additional coverage for expensive items, such as watches, jewelry, furs, and artwork.

Additional Living Expenses: If there is a covered loss that leaves your home inhabitable and you need to stay somewhere else while it is being repaired, this coverage helps pay for your food costs, hotel bills, and other eligible expenses.

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