Renters insurance in Oklahoma

Although there are minimal liability and responsibility required when you rent a home or apartment in Oklahoma, it is critical for renters who are in the Oklahoma area to secure their property with renter’s insurance from Vance Insurance Group LLC.

How is renter's insurance responsible?

In the event of a disaster or tragedy where the dwelling that you are renting is damaged, the homeowner's insurance policy will not cover the damage to your personal property. This means that anything belonging to you as the renter must be replaced by you. Without renters insurance, the financial obligation can be overwhelming and force you to make a choice in what you can afford to replace.

What is covered?

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Valuables

When you purchase renter’s insurance, you should include the property that you own. This includes everything that you brought into the home or apartment, ranging from furniture to your clothes. Should your home fall victim to a natural disaster, theft, or accidental fire, your renter's insurance policy will cover the cost of the damage and replace these items.

Are their additional benefits?

No matter if you live in Oklahoma or another part of Oklahoma, should the home you are renting need to be repaired, your renter's insurance will cover you with assistance for temporary relocation. Whether you must rent a room at a hotel during restoration or find a new place to rent, the temporary relocation can require unexpected expenses and become overwhelming. With renter’s insurance, you can make a claim and get the assistance you need so that you have a safe place to stay until you can get back to the rental property or find a new one, depending on the level of damage.

Are you ready for your policy?

If you live in or around the Oklahoma area, contact our agents at Vance Insurance Group LLC for more information about our renter's insurance policy and get the protection you need.

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